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  • 20m
  • CB
  • 10m
  • 80m
  • 4m
  • AIR
  • 60m
  • RX
  • TX
  • USB
  • LSB
  • AM
  • FM
  • CW
  • MUTE
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DSP Level
Audio Buffer
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J K ← →: freq down/up (+shift/ctrl/alt = faster)
z Z: center/zoom waterfall
G: enter frequency
Not affiliated with Jodrell Bank in any way, just close to it! This WebSDR is owned and operated by Ian, G0XBU. Contact: Website:
This SDR supports the Pocket RXTX app by Dan YO3GGX: Download HERE
Thanks to ROMA WebSDR for permission to use their smart interface. Link to their SDR HERE
Thanks to the guys at Utah WebSDR for their help with Chrome audio and DSP filtering. Here is their site: Utah WebSDR
Thanks to Pieter, PA3FWM for making the original WebSDR software. More details here:
Thanks to Bas, ON5HB for his help with setting up the RSP1A and his excellent work with drivers. His SDR here: ON5HB Websdr
Thanks to NA5B for his help with adding the vertical waterfall lines and the waterfall colours. His SDR here: NA5B Websdr

14 Jun 22 - Added a waterfall expander feature which enlarges the waterfall and fits it to the full screen.
8 Jun 22 - Added ON5HB/PA0SIM latest RSP1A drivers which now incorporate noise shaping giving a better dynamic range on the RSP devices (20m, CB and 80m) but it means edges of the band are lost.
7 Jun 22 - Finally fixed the random server crashes (thanks to Bas, ON5HB). Turns out the max bandwidth that can be safely used in the entire websdr is 8mb. We were using 10mb (total of all the bands added together). I've had to reduce some bands to make it in tolerance and more reliable.
6 Jun 22 - Added waterfall contrast/brightness control and a filter over the waterfalls to create colour (thanks to NA5B for this).
14 Feb 22 - Fixed the squelch when using AM mode (by reducing the bandwidth to 6khz instead of 8khz).
13 Feb 22 - Added the ability to make the main LCD display italic and also aligned it with the colour change when selecting different font colours in the "Colours" menu.
13 Feb 22 - Added a second airband as promised. This can be moved in freq depending on demand. Currently set to a center freq of 121.2MHz.
31 Jan 22 - Added a new theme based on a Yaesu FTdx101D. Try it via the 'Colours' tab. Its still a work in progress.
31 Jan 22 - Updated the mobile version of the site with correct bands etc
10 Jan 22 - Made some minor layout chages to better align buttons on the page and when changing web browser zoom levels to fit onto the screen better.
20 Dec 21 - Added a new drop down menu called 'Colours' which enables you to change font colours and background image to personalize the webpage. It will reset to default if you refresh the page.
19 Dec 21 - Raised CB and 4m antenna to 7.5m AGL. Doubt you'll notice that extra height though.
17 Sep 21 - Added buttons to enhance USB and LSB signals aswell as the original FM boost. These, when clicked, reduce the filter bandwidth and enable audio high boost. To revert, uncheck the buttons and reclick the USB or LSB mode button to default to original settings)
10 Sep 21 - Antenna position tab added. Click this to open a new window which displays current beam heading (relies on the PstRotator web server being open on my laptop so may come and go!)
21 Aug 21 - fixed the LCD band indicators so they correctly match the band you have selected
20 Aug 21 - Added an audio buffer control to increase audio delay to help with stuttering audio. Use the slider to adjust.
6 June 21 - Shortened the 80m band so it covers just 80 to try and reduce some QRM from strong out of band signals. Unfortunately means we lost 60m and some Aero stuff. Will see how it goes. Let me know what you think
28 April 21 - Added a new SDR Play RSP1a receiver to the CB Band. So using 3 in total now; 2m, 80m, CB
10 April 21 - Added new RSP drivers for the SDR play devices from Bas, ON5HB. Better AGC settings which enable hearing weaker stations while strong signals are present. Only caveat is the waterfall colours change alot while it adjusts itself.
March 21 - Lost the Upconverter on 80m (It didnt like 400w TX near it) so had to borrow the RSP1A from CB band and put a spare RTL on CB (RTL's dont go low enough for 80m).
Jan 21 - X Phase QRM eliminator added to the CB band
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