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  • 433
  • 437
  • 446
  • 6m
  • AIR
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  • USB
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  • FM
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Waterfall Brightness

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J K ← →: freq down/up (+shift/ctrl/alt = faster)
z Z: center/zoom waterfall
G: enter frequency
Not affiliated with Jodrell Bank in any way, just close to it! This WebSDR is owned and operated by Ian, G0XBU. Contact: Website:
This SDR supports the Pocket RXTX app by Dan YO3GGX: Download HERE
Thanks to ROMA WebSDR for permission to use their smart interface. Link to their SDR HERE
Thanks to the guys at Utah WebSDR for their help with Chrome audio and DSP filtering. Here is their site: Utah WebSDR
Thanks to Pieter, PA3FWM for making the original WebSDR software. More details here:
Thanks to Bas, ON5HB for his help with setting up the RSP1A and his excellent work with drivers. His SDR here: ON5HB Websdr
Thanks to NA5B for his help with adding the vertical waterfall lines and the waterfall colours. His SDR here: NA5B Websdr

23 Jun 22 - Major user interface update. New fresher look. The original is still available if you prefer, just go to the page layout tab to select
10 Jun 22 - Added waterfall expander function which fits the waterfall to the full screen. Will continue tweaking this.
2 Jun 22 - Added waterfall contrast/brightness control and a filter over the waterfalls to create colour (thanks to NA5B for this).
4 Mar 22 - New dongle arrived so Marine band now back in action. Filter added to remove previous out of band interference.
13 Feb 22 - Main LCD display font now aligns with the font colour selection in the 'Colours' menu.
13 Feb 22 - PMR446 band and labels now default to the correct 6.25khz frequency step.
31 Jan 22 - Updated the mobile version of this website with correct bands etc.
10 Jan 22 - Made some minor HMTL/CSS tweaks to align buttons better on the screen and allow different browser zoom levels
22 Dec 21 - Added new 437 band to cover satellites (437-439MHz)
20 Dec 21 - Added a new drop down menu ('Colours') which enables you to alter the page background images and font colours to personalize the webpage
21 Aug 21 - made the front page the same as jodrell 1 for consistency.
20 Aug 21 - Added an audio buffer control to increase audio delay to help with stuttering audio. Use the slider to adjust.

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